Important Consumer Information

In order to help you get the best service when hiring an auto glass repair or replacement shop there is some important details you need to know. Even if you choose to hire another auto glass facility make sure you understand the essential factors to look for that can help you get the best service possible.

Insist On Quality Replacement Glass

Auto glass does a lot more than keep the wind and rain out of your vehicle; it's also an important mechanism in your vehicle's safety features. Should you have the misfortune of an accident, the windshield and other auto glass aid in the deployment of the passenger-side air bag and support the roof over your head in the event of a rollover. However, when inferior glass is installed, you risk the safety of your passengers as that glass may not function properly to protect them.

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Know Your Rights

As a consumer you have the "Right to Choose" what facility repairs or replaces the glass in your vehicle. It doesn't matter if your insurance company or agent "recommends" a particular shop to service your auto glass. As the policy holder and vehicle owner, you are able to select any company you wish to have your glass replaced or repaired - in fact, it's your right!

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